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    University Counseling

    Our team contracts with a number of local universities to provide confidential and culturally competent counseling to college students. For more information, please contact Dr. John Parkhurst at [email protected].

    Services and Fees

    Counseling and Psychotherapy

    • 45-Minute Individual Sessions: $125
    • 45-Minute Group Sessions: $175
    • Referrals to Other Mental Health Professionals (i.e., Psychiatry): $0
    • Referrals to Other Community Resources: $0

    Seminars, Workshops, and Trainings

    • Orientation Discussion: $0
    • Special Presentations, Workshops, Etc. (Per Hour): $125

    Emergency Consultation (If Desired/Necessary)

    • Telephone Consultation (0-30 Minutes): $125
    • On-Site Response to Emergency (First Hour, Including Travel): $300
    • Continued On-Site Emergency Service (2nd Hour and Beyond/Per Hour): $125