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  • “Holding The Space For You To Heal”


    Check out our new Social Tinker Group for children ages 4-7 this July! For more details, visit our “Groups and Workshops” page or reach out to Kasey Cain, LPC at [email protected].

    Alone, we are strong. Together, we are stronger.

    Since 1994, Parkhurst Associates has been dedicated to serving the Washington DC community by providing guidance on mental wellness journeys. We understand that each individual’s path is unique, which is why our team is committed to assembling clinicians from diverse backgrounds, ensuring representation of the communities we serve.

    With a wide array of therapeutic expertise, our clinicians are well-prepared to accompany you on your mental wellness journey. They possess extensive experience in addressing various presenting concerns, including anxiety, behavioral issues, depression, family conflicts, grief, identity development, life transitions, parenting, relationship difficulties, substance use, and trauma.

    If you’re prepared to take the initial step towards mental wellness, we are here to support you. We’ll proceed at your pace, guiding you along the most suitable path. Remember, while this journey is yours, you need not navigate it alone.

    If You're Ready To Take The First Step...

    …Then We Are Ready To Walk With You!