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    The following information is provided in order that therapists and clients have a clear, mutual understanding of the business side of their work together. Of course, these policies are subject to some negotiation in hardship cases, and every attempt at flexibility will be made when they present a problem for a client. Please feel free to ask about anything that is unclear, and one is encouraged to ask for additional information and/or share any questions and concerns about these issues.


    All client information is confidential, and will not be released to any third party except at the specific written request of the client. This includes release of the information that a particular person is, or is not, a client. The only exception to this policy would occur if nondisclosure would directly jeopardize the life or safety of the client or others.

    Informed Consent

    Parkhurst Associates acknowledges the financial benefit of continued practice with a client, and of inter-agency referrals for psychiatric or other modes of treatment, such as group, couples, or family counseling. It is understood that a client has a right to self-determination in the continuation of treatment and/or the acceptance of referrals. We are ethically and personally committed to our clients’ well-being, and would welcome discussion of any appearances to the contrary.

    Forensic and Litigation Services

    Please direct your inquiry to Dr. John Parkhurst ([email protected]).

    Hospitalization, Emergencies, and Crisis Management

    Parkhurst Associates Mental Health Services, as a private practice group, is not equipped to handle acute-care, psychiatric needs. Clients are expected to be able to function between weekly or twice-weekly sessions without supervision. We are not associated with a particular hospital, and we cannot function as an emergency services agency. However, in the rare instance that a client experiences a mental health emergency and/or needs hospitalizing, we maintain a network of referrals and connections, through whom we can expedite an admission to a mental health treatment facility that is appropriately equipped to handle such an emergency.