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    Tyler Strusowski

    Washington, DC Location

    My clients often approach me when they have lost an understanding of who they are, or their sense of control or direction in life. This could be related to anxiety or stress, difficult feelings, or an experience that has affected their relationships, goals, work, or being able to enjoy themselves. My therapeutic approach will normalize what you may be experiencing, allow you to home in on your internal resources, and provide you with stronger self-insight.

    I am a licensed counselor and art therapist trained at the George Washington University. My specialty is art therapy, which is a type of therapy where art is used as a communication tool. Art therapy is also very useful for describing feelings, tapping into one’s creativity, and strengthening one’s sense of identity. Often times I take a trauma-informed approach to art therapy, as it is especially useful for managing traumatic stress, and integrating troubling memories.

    During a session with me you can expect plenty of conversation so that I can get to know you. As my client, we will collaborate to define goals as I consider you the expert of your life. I will provide practical therapeutic tools you can use outside of sessions, while also assisting you with insight, and developing a sense of wholeness. My clinical approach is relational, strength-based, and cognitive behavioral in order to facilitate your self-efficacy towards change.