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    Randy Dunkle

    Randy Dunkle is a licensed mental health counselor. During his internship, he worked heavily in Dual Diagnosis treatment (mental illness and addiction services). His early work in mental health provided him with extensive experience working with those dealing with severe and persistent mental health disorders. Randy worked for three years in the area of intense community health, and has experience helping clients not only to deal with severe mental illness, but with addiction, grief, adjustment disorders, mild to severe depression, trauma and anxiety. 

    Randy received his Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. His theoretical orientation is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). He finds CBT particularly useful because of its “cause and effect” nature.  However, Randy also utilizes techniques from several different orientations including but not limited to Gestalt, Existential, Client Focused and Narrative therapies. He believes in choosing the appropriate tool from a variety of orientations to help clients understand what thoughts contribute to behaviors, and how to bring about real and lasting changes in their lives. 

    While Randy has an interest in focusing on assisting clients in the LGBT+ communities, he has the experience and expertise to help a wide array of clients. His goal is to assist as many people as possible regardless of their needs. Randy’s experience with clients from all walks of life and from diverse age groups allows him to do just this.