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    Kasey Cain

    Kasey Cain is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She holds a Masters in Education for School Counseling and a Post Counseling Licensure Certificate in Community Counseling. She is also a qualified LPC Supervisor. Kasey’s professional journey has included preschool teaching, working at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s educational programming department, school counseling, and community counseling. Since 2006, Kasey has worked in Fairfax County Public Schools as an Elementary School Counselor and a Resource Counselor (K-12) for School Counseling Services in FCPS’s central office. She has worked in the private practice setting for over 9 years. Her knowledge of the school system paired with her extensive counseling skills, leaves Kasey expertly suited to work with children and families. 

    Kasey’s preferred treatment methods are strength based and client centered in nature. She  believes that focusing on each child’s unique strengths allows them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Kasey views all behavior as communication, carefully listening and observing to identify the root of concerns and develop effective interventions. She utilizes a variety of evidence based approaches to fit your child’s needs. These may include play-based strategies, creative expression, talk therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and mindfulness techniques. Kasey’s ultimate goals are to create a safe and supportive space that encourages exploration and growth and to collaborate with families to create positive change for children and families.