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    David Facenda

    Washington, DC Location

    David Facenda received his Master of Social Work from The Catholic University of America. His graduate school internship experience included providing inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment to the LGBT community while at the Lambda Center of The Psychiatric Institute of Washington.

    David has been both a volunteer and an employee of the Whitman Walker Clinic since the early 1990s. Past Whitman Walker experience includes counseling HIV+ adults and those in recovery from addictions; as well as offering group and individual counseling for coming out and sexuality issues.

    David’s current position at Whitman-Walker is the Director of the Austin Center Day Treatment Program. It provides medical, mental health, and addiction services to HIV+, DC residents. Since the fall of 2002 Mr. Facenda has been a guest speaker at The George Washington University’s graduate school counseling program lecturing on treatment of chemical dependency in the LGBT community. Mr. Facenda has also been on staff at The Catholic University of America teaching the Treatment of Chemical Dependency course to the social work masters students.

    At Parkhurst and Associates, using individual psychotherapy services, Mr. Facenda assists individual adults and couples presenting with depression (and other mood disorders), relationship issues, self-esteem problems, sexuality difficulties, and struggles with substance abuse and chemical addictions. Mr. Facenda’s theoretical approach in his psychotherapy practice at Parkhurst and Associates is cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic. He also incorporates harm reduction and strengths perspective modalities.