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    Amy Wood

    Alexandria, VA Location

    I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist, who enjoys working with individuals of many different ages (5 & up). I find psychological assessments and therapy to be an extremely useful way to better understand one’s strengths/challenges at various developmental stages. Students today can face an array of struggles from lack of motivation to anxiety & perfectionism. School-age children may encounter difficulties with learning, self-regulation in the classroom, and/or transitioning from the home and school settings. Adolescents are figuring out who they are, while trying to navigate the ever-present world of social media in a safe, healthy way. Adults typically strive to function at their best in numerous realms, including the work place, family, friendships, and personal interests, and can often be left feeling unsuccessful and/or overwhelmed in such attempts.

    These themes highlight my flexible, eclectic approach to treating an array of stress-related symptoms, including depression, anxiety, executive functioning limitations (e.g. setting & following through on goals, getting started on tasks, developing effective plans), sleep/appetite disturbances, inattention, poor self-esteem, and various interpersonal struggles. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be a helpful starting point for many children and adults, as it allows them to identify unhelpful thought patterns that contribute to distress. I utilize fun, playful, and active “coaching” techniques in working with children, empowering them to learn, practice, and use tools of their own. I also employ a strength-based approach to helping people make improvements in their lives and build upon their current coping strategies.

    From an assessment standpoint, I offer admission testing for local private schools, as well as diagnostic evaluations for children, teens, and adults. Referral questions can include attentional disorders, executive functioning deficits, learning disorders, and cognitive/emotional screenings. Please note, I do not offer child custody evaluations.

    My training and work experiences have included inpatient psychiatric units, outpatient community mental health centers, and 20 years of private practice work. I obtained a Masters of Science in Developmental Psychology from Johns Hopkins University (2000) and my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from George Mason University (2004).