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    Yuri Otsuka

    “We must incorporate our wounds into who we are rather than try to merely repair and forget them.” – David Wong

    For many years of my life, I felt broken, fragmented, and a heavy sense of emptiness inside that couldn’t be filled. I felt alone, always searching and yearning for something, but not knowing what. I felt lost, resentful, and hopeless. 

    I believe that many of us feel these ways and carry the weight of our pain behind closed doors, we try to hide our wounds, and hope to blend into the world just enough to get by. But by doing so, we sacrifice our ability to wholeheartedly experience life. 

    Kintsugi is a Japanese art technique which uses gold-powdered varnish to heal the cracks in porcelain. By doing so, those cracked parts not only make the whole piece more beautiful, they remain a part of the object’s history, integrated and proudly displayed rather than disposed of or “fixed.” 

    As a therapist, I will work with you to not only attend to the emotional wounds you may carry but to integrate those parts of you through self-compassion and admiration for the strength and courage you have but may not realize you possess. I work best with those who are interested in gaining better self-insight regarding their past and present. Together, we will explore how those insights may help you move forward in the ways that you want to. 

    I received my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Northwestern University and I am open to working with any individual. I will meet you where you are right now with acceptance and non-judgment. I do have special experience working with individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds and LGBTQIA+ and gender minorities, with a variety of issues ranging from childhood trauma, relationship conflict, compulsions, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, and existential dilemmas. I welcome you to contact me for any questions or concerns you may have before getting started.