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    Beth Ann Maples

    Washington, DC & Alexandria, VA Locations

    “Life is difficult” is the first sentence of one of my favorite books. And though this is true, there is also breathtaking beauty in life as well. So often we get stuck in learned ways that don’t benefit our lives and it is challenging to see that beauty. We have grown accustomed to the patterned ways we think, act and engage with others which may or may not be healthy. This contributes to our view of the world and how we relate to it, oftentimes hindering our quality of life through varying symptoms including anxiety, depression, struggles in relationships, and other emotional and behavioral expressions. Another aspect of life that affects each one of us, is grief and loss, and death and dying – aspects of life that can often be very painful.

    As a dedicated therapist, it is a sincere privilege to journey along side any person who has the courage to honestly look at their way of interacting with the world around them, and choose to grow. My greatest desire is to provide compassion and care, while speaking truth, and empowering and supporting you to identify and make the necessary changes in order to grow. In therapy, you can expect a safe and trusting environment that facilitates and allows for peaceful and gentle exploration. I use a strength based and wholistic approach, while personalizing each treatment plan to fit your unique needs. I provide an eclectic use of interventions, tailoring what may work best for you individually. For anyone, making changes and moving through the healing process of any kind is challenging; however, there is always hope, no matter what the circumstance.

    In the past 10 years as a licensed therapist, I have had varying clinical experiences. One of them being the honor of sitting with terminally ill patients and their families before, at, and after their loved one’s death. Experiencing the loss of a child, parent, sibling, friend or anyone close to you, can be devastating. Having support and the knowledge of what to expect through the grieving and mourning process can be invaluable. I also enjoy working with children, adolescents and adults, as they walk through life transitions and challenges such as work/school difficulties, relationship issues, communication concerns, and more.

    I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Houghton College, with a minor in Education, and Master of Arts in Community & School Counseling from Regent University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and a member of the National Board Certified Counselors.

    I sincerely look forward to getting to know you and providing the guidance and support needed to obtain the life you desire and deserve! Feel free to contact me by phone or email for a consultation or any questions before beginning therapy.